June 27, 2005

An Album Night Thank You

Posted by Paul Superapple @ 4:38 pm



A big fat thank you goes out to all the members of the Westside Daredevils, The Coveralls and Angel and the Love Mongers for their participation in last weekend’s successful Album Night II at the Preservation Pub. Thank yous also go out to WUTK 90.3 The Rock and the Preservation Pub for putting on the event, which raised $753 for the Joy of Music Youth Music School.

The show was very well attended and all three bands rocked the house. Instead of describing the show here, I’ll point you to Metro Pulse’s Eye on the Scene, which has a brief review of what went on that night. Also, stay tuned here for a photo gallery of the “Queen” tribute band in all its – ahem – glory.

We’re making plans for the next Disgraceland Album Night even as we speak – if you’re in a local/regional band, and feel like getting in on the fun, drop us an e-mail and let us know.


Todd Steed has left the country (once again), but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy his new album, Heartbreak and Duct Tape. Wayne Bledsoe at the Knoxville News-Sentinel has written a glowing review of the CD – read it here at KnoxNews.Com. A sample:

Surprisingly, Steed’s non-themed follow-up, “Heartbreak and Duct Tape,” is even better. The first half of the disc is packed with the best rockers Steed has ever created. From the absolutely joyous kickoff “Status No” to the gonzo instrumental “Bonnie Lou and Buster vs. Caligula,” it’s perfect summer driving music. There’s a little punk (“Corner Concerns”) and a sweet tribute to domestic bliss (“Not Frank”).

Read the whole thing if you’re on the fence about buying the new CD — it’s a rock bargain at twice the price. Visit Todd’s new website at ToddSteed.Com.


Senryu is still on the road – they’re bouncing around North Carolina this week check out all the dates here.

Feel like living life on the road with Senryu? Check out their van photo collage.

June 13, 2005

Heartbreak and Duct Tape

Posted by Paul Superapple @ 9:28 pm


The latest release from Todd Steed and the Suns of PhereHeartbreak and Duct Tape.

We’ve finally got the CD for sale here. This follow-up to Knoxville tells is Steed at his 100-miles-an-hour-rock finest – check it out!

CD RELEASE SHOW – Monday, June 20 – NOON – Outside the WDVX Studios on Gay St. in Downtown Knoxville. Take your lunch break with the Suns of Phere!

Need more convincing to take the leap and purchase the new Todd Steed CD? Listen to this radio commercial from the Disc Exchange!

June 8, 2005

Album Night II and Senryu On Tour

Posted by Paul Superapple @ 9:33 pm

Everything is set for Disgraceland’s Album Night II at the Preservation Pub.

The lineup:

9:30 pm – The Coveralls performing Led Zeppelin II

10:30 pm – The Westside Daredevils performing The Pixies’ Doolittle

11:30 pm – Angel & the Love Mongers performing Queen’s Greatest Hits

* Also joining Angel’s band will be John Baker & Jim Rivers from the French Broads and Paul Noe on guitar

This one is going to rival March’s album night for sure – and will hopefully be one for the ages. Getting the chance to see the Daredevils – who have mastered power-pop and three-part harmonies – tear into a load of Frank Black songs is going to be well worth the paltry $3 admission by itself. Throwing in Angel Zuniga as Freddie Mercury and the Coveralls stomping through a Led Zeppelin record is going to make it a night of rock explosions (without the need for Great White-style pyrotechnics).

As with the last album night, all proceeds from the door will go to benefit the Joy of Music Youth Music School – a non-profit whose mission is: “to provide a quality music education program for youth with a primary focus on those who are financially disadvantaged.” It’s a great organization that makes a difference in the lives of kids – visit their website here.

Come on down, enjoy the Preservation Pub’s outstanding beer selection and listen to some classic albums as interpreted by the local yokels you know and love.


Also – Senryu hits the road this week for a big tour – check out all the dates here. This weekend they hit The Talking Head in Baltimore, then on to Philly and Pittsburgh next week. If you’re in the area – don’t miss it.