April 3, 2006

Thank You

Posted by Paul Superapple @ 11:43 am

First of all – a big, long-overdue thank-you to everyone involved with the Album Night at the Grotto last month. Thanks to Nug Jug, the Westside Daredevils and Angel and the Love Mongers for a very fun show – as I’m sure those in attendance could attest to. Special thanks go out to Chuck Watt for doing double-duty on bass with Queen and on guitar with The Who. That took a lot of work to pull off – thanks Chuck!

Don’t forget to pick up the new CD from the Westside Daredevils here. Also, stay tuned to the Nug Jug website for their pending new release.


We’ve got quite a few releases now available at I-Tunes, Napster, Sony-Connect and others. Some of the newly-available digital releases include a gold-mine of classics from Smokin’ Dave and the Premo Dopes – Huh?, Too Many Years in the Circus, It’s All Our Vault, Live and Not Lern.

Also now available is The Opposable Thumbs classic, Are Ready For Love.

We’ve also been threatening for years now to release Doubters’ Club’s CD, Fleur De Lisa – originally released in 1996. It is now finally available via digital download – so go and check it out.

We’ve got some others lined up for digital release over the next month or so, so stay tuned for that.

Also coming up soon is a new release from John Baker, so keep your ears open for that as well.