June 11, 2006

JPK’s Homecoming

Posted by Paul Superapple @ 11:24 am

We’ve got a big show coming up this weekend at the Corner Lounge in Knoxville.

John Paul Keith and his band of misfits (Jeff Bills, Chad Pelton, Tom Pryor, Paul Noe) are putting on a country-fried show Saturday night, June 24, opening for Mic Harrison and Kenny Roby. The JPK band goes on first – around 9:30 – so get there early.

Word is that JPK’s band will be playing some songs from the Have Nots “Have At It” CD, some old V-Roys and a host of new material, guaranteed to please or none of your money back. Here’s John Paul’s MySpace page (who doesn’t have one of these by now?) if you want to find out what he’s been up to down in Memphis.

ALSO, next week, Angel and the Love Mongers will be playing at Preservation Pub, Thursday, June 29, immediately following the final Sundown in the City show. So when Sundown is over, just head on down to the Pub for a few extra fine pilsners and enjoy some rock.