July 19, 2005

Todd Steed Full-Court Press

Posted by Paul Superapple @ 4:37 pm

Todd Steed has returned from overseas and has picked up his publicity blitz right where he left off.

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 20, Todd will be opening for Hayes Carl at the Preservation Pub here in Knoxville.

Then, Friday morning at 8:00, Todd will be live on West 105.3 FM here in Knoxville. Tune in on your drive to work, that is, unless you don’t work, in which case, good for you. Tune in at home instead.

Then on Tuesday, August 16, Todd will be appearing with Mic Harrison on WDVX Radio in Knoxville as part of their 12:00 noon Blue Plate lunch special. You can listen to that one online at WDVX.Com.

Todd’s latest release, Heartbreak and Duct Tape, just got another good review from the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Read it here. Also, don’t forget to visit ToddSteed.Com

Also in August…

John Baker and his band, The Incontinentals, will be appearing at Corner Lounge on Saturday night, August 13. That will be a fun show and John and company will be playing songs off his new release Rough Skeleton as well as some other Baker classics and covers.

Stand by for more news soon….