Disgraceland F.A.Q.

What is Disgraceland?
Disgraceland Records is an online record label based in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Disgraceland originally started as a small, home-grown recording studio in Knoxville, Tennessee back in the mid-90s. The studio was founded by David Jenkins and Paul Noe shortly after the dissolution of their previous band, The Judybats.

During Disgraceland’s studio era, Jenkins recorded and produced tracks for such notables as Superdrag, The V-Roys, 30 Amp Fuse, The Cheeksters, Flesh Vehicle, The Ghosts as well as for The Opposable Thumbs and Doubters Club, two acts in which Jenkins and Noe both played.

Noe and Jenkins moved Disgraceland to Nashville in 1996 to play with Sire Records recording artists The Nevers. Jenkins is no longer affiliated with the label. In 2003, Disgraceland moved its home base back to Knoxville and, with the addition of Eric Nowinski and the reunion with staffers Todzilla and Zulu Dunthorn, has plans to expand throughout 2004 and beyond.

Disgraceland has been on the world wide web (in some shape, form or fashion) since around 1996, thanks to the vision of internet guru Michael “Zulu” Dunthorn, but didn’t arrive at Disgraceland.Com until the summer of 1999.

Disgraceland is now a full-fledged online record label with more than a dozen products available. The website is currently designed and maintained by Noe.

Who Runs This Place?
Here is the staff list from the old site – I’ll try to update it when I get a chance. 

Paul Noe, President & CEO E-Mail: paul-at-disgraceland-dot-com

Paul Noe has been involved in music in one form or another since picking up the guitar at age 12. Noe spent his formative years playing in a variety of cover bands, then eventually started writing and formed a short-lived original band called This Busy Monster with his sister Claudia. Noe left to join The Judybats (Sire/Warner Bros. Records), and after their demise, played with a variety of other bands, including The Opposable Thumbs, Doubters Club and The Cheeksters. Noe left for Nashville to play with The Nevers, who were signed to Sire/WB as well. After the masochistic exercise of a second major-label thrashing, The Nevers disbanded and Noe went into rock semi-retirement. Noe moved back to Knoxville in Spring of 2003 and has since been seen playing with the likes of The Ghosts and Todd Steed among others. Noe’s current hobbies include playing tennis and changing diapers.

Eric Nowinski, Vice President of Artist Development and Legal Affairs
E-Mail: drummonger-at-gmail-dot-com

Eric Nowinski has been around music his entire life. He purchased his first 45-rpm record at the age of 5 and has been hooked ever since. During his childhood, Eric experimented with a variety of instruments, including piano and upright bass. At age 10, he decided that the drums gave him the best opportunity to make noise and intrude upon the solitude of others – so a drummer he became. He formed his first band at the tender age of 14 and continued to play in a variety of bands throughout high school. Eric’s love of music took him to Middle Tennessee State University where he earned a degree in Recording Industry Management. During his course of studies at MTSU, he mastered the art of multi-track recording, while playing drums and engineering on numerous projects at one of the first all digital studios in the country. When his tenure at MTSU was up, Eric decided that the legal intricacies of the music industry required further study and therefore enrolled in law school at the University of Tennessee. He was known in law school circles as the “guy with the yellow walkman who is always listening to music.” This was probably an uncontrollable side effect of spending high school and college working in a record store and listening to music for at least 8 hours a day. (Without music, the silence can be deafening.) It was at this point in his career that Eric learned the benefits of financial aid – spending his student loan money on drums, beer, guitars, amps, multi-track recording equipment and more beer. During law school, Eric switched to guitar and fronted a three piece grunge band. Presently, Eric is playing drums in no less than three bands and spends his spare time recording bands and side projects in his basement recording studio (much to the chagrin of his wife, neighbors and two dogs).

Todd Steed, Assistant Dictator E-Mail: zilla-at-disgraceland-dot-com

Todd Steed was born in a small house he helped his father build in pre-Sunsphere Knoxville. After several years of attempting to age, he picked up a guitar and decided that there was something indeed more educational and interesting than high school. Steed joined several bands, ETC (a band that did Devo and Doobie Brothers covers), Real Hostages (early Knoxville punk outfit), Smokin Dave and the Premo Dopes, Opposable Thumbs, Apelife and currently throwing it all together in Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere. His hobbies are Green Tea and travel related travel. For more, visit www.apeville.com.

Mike “Zulu” Dunthorn, Chief Information Officer E-Mail: zulu-at-disgraceland-dot-com

Born a child of the Cold War military-industrial complex, Mike “Zulu” Dunthorn grew up in a community marked by an engineering-dominated subculture. At one time trained as a concert pianist, Zulu is currently working on a concerto for glockenspiel and chamber orchestra based on the tempestuous vice-presidency of Charles Curtis. At one time embroiled in the controversies of Capitol Hill himself, Zulu returned to East Tennessee where he developed the earliest versions of the Disgraceland website, and has continued his affiliations with the Disgraceland organization since.

How do I buy Disgraceland music?
We’ve still got quite a few CDs in stock. Check out the CDs in our online shop here and our remaining t-shirts here. In fact, until the end of the year (2006), they’re on sale at a discount. 

Most of our CDs are also available online through our digital distribution agreement with Red Eye Distribution.

Check the following music download sites for Disgraceland music: I-Tunes, Napster, Musicmatch, Rhapsody/Real, Sony Connect, Musicnet, MSN Music, AOL Music Now, Loudeye, Audio Lunchbox, E-Music, Puretracks

Is buying from Disgraceland with a credit card safe?
Yes indeed. We outsource our credit card processing to an excellent company called CCNow. They process Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards, and they do it using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, which most recent browsers (versions 4.0 and higher) can handle. For more information on CCNow, read their Frequently Asked Questions.
I would prefer to pay with a check or money order. Can I do that?
Yes. Just e-mail us for details and we’ll work with you.
How long does it take to receive my order after I’ve placed it?
Orders regularly go out 24-48 hours after being placed. We ship everything via first class U.S. Mail (or Air Mail for International Orders). We will send you an e-mail and let you know when your order ships. If you need it quicker, e-mail us and let us know and we will work to meet your needs.
What if I have a question or problem with my order?
Again, e-mail us and we’ll take care of it.
What else do you sell besides CDs?
In addition to all the great music we have in our online shop, we’ve got Disgraceland Logo T-Shirts (Med, Large) and Disgraceland baby-doll ladies’ t-shirts.