If pressed, I'd say this is a pop record. But somehow that seems limiting. I put a lot of different sounds, both found and manufactured, on this thing. Many of which don't fit the strict definition of pop music (if there is such a thing). Really, this is a sound recording. But if I'd just said that to begin with, you wouldn't have anything to go on. So I say this is a pop record.

Amongst the sounds recorded here are several songs. And if I've done my job as songwriter correctly, then I shouldn't have to tell you what they're about. But my confidence (in both me and you. mostly me) is not high enough to leave it at that. So I'll give you some hints:

I concerned myself, during the early writing of these songs, with what I perceived to be problems in American culture currently. We're spoiled, fat and wasteful. We're belligerent and insensitive. We're arrogant. We're lazy. We're obsessed with celebrity. We're escapist. We're ignorant and we don't care that we are.

"What a downer!" I hear you thinking (I'm clairvoyant, don't you know) and I thought the same thing about 3/4 of the way through the making of this recording. So my creativity took a more positive turn. Oh yes, there's redemption here. I tell you, within, exactly what I believe to be the secret to happiness. But I'm not going to tell you now. That would spoil the surprise.